How to Keep Your Toilet Smelling Good


A fresh bathroom is an ideal bathroom, even with all the… activities that this room endures throughout the day.

While cleaning your bathroom every day seems like one solution, you can also get around this by setting up ways for your toilet to smell good. It’s a practical option that’ll make you and your home happy every time you do your business!

Tips to Keep Your Toilet Smelling Good

If you’re having a hard time managing the smells coming out of the toilet, here are some tips to address how to prevent and minimize foul smells coming from your home throne.

    1. Equip your bathrooms with “Poo Spray.”
      This is a great option to prevent odors from hanging out in the air. The not-so-magical potions create an oil layer that prevents the smell from contacting the toilet water. This traps the scent in the water, and some variants release essential oils that release good smells. You can buy these in grocery stores, but you can DIY it and concoct your own blends at home. All it takes is a mixture of rubbing alcohol, plus your favorite essential oils.
    2. Install automatic bathroom air fresheners.
      Imagine not having to spray the bathroom incessantly throughout the day. These excellent and economical pieces can do the job around the clock. The best part? They come in great designs that won’t clash with your decor.
    3. Clean and replace your toilet brush.
      One problem might be the toilet brush you are using to clean the toilet. Even if it’s cleaned regularly, you need to ultimately replace it when it no longer functions well for its purpose. Additionally, you can dip the brush in a solution of bleach, or hydrogen peroxide to keep the brush clean and sanitized.
    4. Use disinfectants when cleaning the toilet.
      Sometimes, cleansing and scrubbing aren’t enough. The elbow grease we apply in cleaning our toilets doesn’t guarantee that the bacteria causing foul smells is all gone. However, this is where disinfectant comes in, and can be used as a final step in the toilet cleaning process. Let the disinfectant run against the walls of the toilet bowl, killing the offending bacteria.
    5. Avoid harsh solutions.
      Solutions such as fabric softeners may leave a film in the pipes that can build up and lead to clogging. Opinions are split on these “hacks”.  You will find many that rave about this while others warn against detergents in you toilet.

Maybe it isn’t Your Toilet?

We often blame toilets as the source of terrible smells in the bathroom but in reality, it could be something else. If you’ve tried and tested the tips above and nothing is working, you should investigate other culprits in the bathroom. Here are some of the possible offenders.

  • The bathroom garbage bin. If the garbage bin isn’t cleaned out regularly, who knows what bathroom bacteria have found their way in there? Used tissues and sanitary products hold a lot of bacteria and should be taken away as soon as possible. If the bin isn’t quite full, spritz the can with a deodorizing spray.
  • The clothes hamper. Not emptying out the hamper for laundry could be what’s creating a bad smell in the bathroom. If it’s not quite laundry day, you can spray a deodorant over the clothes made of baking soda and essential oils.
  • The bathroom’s sink and shower drain. If you don’t regularly clean out the drains, they could be holding a lot of bacteria that you think you’ve washed down. Double down on these drains by pouring rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or other bacteria-killing solutions. Some of these may help with dissolving clogged drains as well.