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3 Reasons to Keep Rubber and Latex Gloves Clean (and how to clean them)

Many of us wear rubber, or, latex gloves while doing household chores, to protect our hands from chemicals, hot water, bacteria, etc.  Gloves are just as important as our cleaning solutions and tools. Consequently, keeping them clean is vital.

Here are 3 reasons to keep our gloves clean:


1) Mold

Damp gloves are at risk of developing mold, as mold tends to flourish where there is moisture. So, taking off our gloves and putting them away, without cleaning and drying them, could increase the chances of mold growth (signs of mold growth include   visible spots on the glove’s interior).


2) Odor

Unclean gloves often smell bad, which could be an indication that germs and mold are evident.  It is noteworthy that this odor is distinct from the smell of rubber, or, latex.


3) Re-Contamination

Given that gloves are in direct contact with dirt, chemicals, bacteria, etc., if they are not cleaned after we use them, it is possible that we could re-contaminate the objects and spaces we are trying to clean.


Finally (bonus reason) keeping gloves clean is part and parcel of keeping our homes clean.  The importance of keeping our cleaning tools clean, cannot be overstated.


Quick Steps to Clean Gloves

  1. While wearing the gloves, wash them with liquid detergent, or, soap, in hot water, as though you are washing your hands.
  2. Dry with a towel and place on a clean surface.
  3. Turn gloves inside out and repeat steps 1 and 2.
  4. Turn gloves back into place.


Quick Tip:

Over time, be sure to  check gloves for holes and tears. This is particularly important when working with harsh chemicals such as bleach, or, strong cleaning solutions.



We can now see that keeping gloves clean can be an important part of maintaining a healthy and pleasant household, by avoiding mold, odour, and re-contamination.  Using this fairly simple cleaning technique can help you get there.